NIAR24h will take over where Stockholm City Challenge left

A 24 hour Adventure Race is back in Stockholm. NIAR24h will be inspired from the legendary C2, Stockholm City Challenge.

Almost 20 years later it’s time for Nordic Islands Adventure Race to take on where they left.
With modern technology, new disciplines and ambition NIAR24h strive to challenge everyone and redefine Stockholm City Challenge.

Staffan; -We will bring back the successful concept City Challenge, later known as Stockholm Extreme. This was a series of Adventures in capital citys around Scandinavia in the 1990-2000. They where way ahead of their time and I think Stockholm and Sweden is ready for this again.

Staffan; -This prestigefull challenge created a legend among the racers.
We will aim to create a simmular, fast, impulsive and urban race in the central parts of Stockholm to attract and allowed people to interact with the sport of Adventure Racing on a new level.