This is your PM for NIAR24h and NIAR600k. PDF's for download below.



Race info

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PM for both races

Welcome all athletes

This is your PM for NIAR24h and NIAR600k

Additional questions can be asked on email to or at the race meeting.

Please read the information on the website carefully before the race. 


Friday June 4th

Athletes for NIAR600k arrive at the hotel, check in from 15:00. Dinner is served at our Headquarter on Hallvägen 9, 121 62 Johanneshov by 19:00. 

Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements?

15:00 - 18:30 Check in available for ALL teams, both NIAR24h and NIAR600k. 

*Nutrition, gels, bars and Xinix from TrainEatLive available for purchase at HQ.

*MAP boards from Nordenmark Adventure 

*Gear and emergency flares from Avanza kayak available for purchase at HQ.  

Saturday June 5th 

07:30 HQ opens for check in at Hallvägen 9, 121 62 Johanneshov

09:00 Race meeting and Map hand out /Lock down


All maps will NOT be distributed at “Lock down”. Some will be handed out along the course for both NIAR24h and NIAR600k. Bring whatever pencils and map tools you need on the course. 

Sunday June 6th

08:00 First Finish of NIAR24h

11:00 Course closes (but your will be given the chance to race until 14:00 if you want)

Chicken Club sandwiches and Oomph sandwiches are available for all teams by the finish line, plus cinnamonbunz and cake. Included in the start fee for everyone.

12:30 Transport/leaving for the restart 

14:30 Restart NIAR600k


We recommend all athletes to take a Covid19 test or a PCR-test before the arrival to the race. Only to confirm that you are negative Cov19.

Upon arrival you will all be given washable face masks from the organization that you have to wear at the main TA/HQ in Slackthusområdet when you move around outside your Team TA Zone and when you race in more public areas; first 4 sections. 

We will provide PCR tests for all international teams at our race hotel, June 10th after the race at lunch time. Same evening you have your test result and travel document. This will be at your own cost, 1290 sek/person (normal price 1995 sek/person). 


Kayak Bags are NOT needed for NIAR24h or NIAR600k. 


Teams need emergency flares for their long kayak section. You can buy these from the organization at registration for 160 sek. We recommend bringing your own kayak pump or buying them at HQ June 4th for NIAR600k. Neoprene spray skirts can also be good for NIAR600k, if you want to purchase one beforehand these are the kayak model we’re using: Vento Duo 5.2 


You are allowed to have one personal duffel bag each, max 25 kg for NIAR24h.


Four personal bags for NIAR24h -25kg

Bag A - 25 kg (one per team)

Bag B - 25 kg (one per team)


Athletes for NIAR600k will stay at: 

Quality Hotel Globe

Arenaslingan 7 121 77 Johanneshov

00468-686 63 00

If any of you like to make additional reservation talk to Stefan Alhblom, he can be reached at email

He will give you some discount for additional reservations. 

Everyone participating in NIAR600k has two nights included by the entry fee, between June 4-5th and 10-11th in 4 person family rooms. Breakfast included. 


Each person need: 

  • Rappel device; ATC, ATC Guide or Reverso 3 el. 4
  • 1 pieces of 120 cm Nylon, polyester or dyneema sling
  • 3 pieces of carabiners
  • Prusik: 135 cm long 6 mm rope when it's not tied. Must be tied with double fisherman knot
  • Harness; Must follow EN12 277 type C standard with identification tags, and with belay loop
  • Helmet: CE standard Bike Helmet
  • Leather Gloves

Climbing sections are NOT mandatory. However, if you don’t do them, a time penalty of 3 hours will be added to your team. 

For the first rope section only 2 in a 4 person team need to do the rope skill section (1 person for duo teams). By the second rope skill section and the two secret leg sections everyone in the team has to do the rope section. 

CP - Check points

There will be two different types of checkpoints for both NIAR24h and NIAR600k. One original course with normal checkpoints, then the organization added some checkpoints called PRO checkpoint. These are extra checkpoints for the professional and fast teams. This will be more common in the future in the ARWS. The reason is to get the team to race tighter and closer together. More explanations regarding PRO CP’s will be explained by the referee Lars Bukkahave at the race meeting. 


We are proud to share the news of our collaboration with Wateraid. Together we have formed a competition within the race. We have a goal to collect 5000 sek for charity with you, your team, friends and families HELP!

Clean Water is the foundation for health, energy and well being. Yet today 785 million people have no other choice than to drink dirty water.

That's why we support Wateraid!

Each year they make sure that millions of people get clean water. The goal is that everyone should have clean water by 2030. We like to help Wateraid with this mission because everything starts with clean water!



Staffan Björklund & Micke Hanell w. crew


Nordic Islands Adventure Race AB


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